Editorial Polices


1. Indian journal of  mednodent and allied sciences  is a triannual Scientific Medical Journal published in English by private group of  doctor.. The Journal is printed in two-column format. Its publication is supported by Patron fee ,Hence, there is no page charge for published article(s).

2. Subjects covered include all aspects of health and diseases including clinical and experimental studies and medical ,dental ,pharmacy, physiotherapy,and allied sciences(in the form of original full papers, short communications, critical reviews, editorial commentaries, case reports,etc

3. Manuscripts in English from investigators/authors from any institutions in any country are considered. The results and ideas contained therein should be original.

4. Three sets of manuscript (one original ) accompanied by a covering letter signed by first author /corresponding authors should be submitted to The Editor-in-chief , 7-1-619/a4,Gayathri Nagar, S.R.Nagar Hyderabad -38.Also a soft copy should be sent to  editorijomdas@yahoo.com or naveen_motupalli@yahoo.com.with covering letter should clearly state that the manuscript has been seen by all authors and approved, and has not been submitted for consideration and will not be submitted in any other Journal till the manuscript remains under consideration for publication in ijomdas.

5. All persons designated as authors should qualify for authorship. Each author must have at least bachelor degree in the related field and should have participated sufficiently in the work to take the public responsibility for the content. A paper with corporate (collective) authorship must specify the key person responsible for the article.

6. Articles for publication will only be accepted after getting signed declaration from the author that the manuscript has not been submitted elsewhere for publication.

7. If the instructions are not followed, the manuscripts will be returned to the authors for appropriate modification.

8. Manuscripts meeting the editorial policy will be sent to two anonymous peer reviewers. The suggestion and/or comments of peer reviewers will be communicated to the author for necessary revision/modification/information through proper channel.

9. Upon acceptance, authors should submit the whole text of manuscript revised as per the advice or comments of peer reviewers and/or Editorial Board   by e-mail login.

10. The galley proofs of the articles will be sent to the corresponding authors for minor corrections and must be returned (reached) to the Editor within 7-10 days (from the date of dispatch). Major alterations (even and addition or deletion of single sentence) will not be accepted.

11. If the manuscript is accepted for publication and published, the paper or the portion there of, will not be published elsewhere unless the consent is obtained in writing from editor of ijomdas.

12. The final decision of whether to publish is made by the Editorial Board.

Print ISSN: 2347-6192

Online ISSN: 2347-6206