Editorial Editor of Correspondence

Dear Authors,

With the advances in medicine, the need for research and evidence based treatment is of paramount importance. Continued medical education through journals is the way to keep ourselves updated and well informed. Also now-a-days there is interest in publication of articles as per the requirements of MCI, DCI, PCI etc either out of interest or to procure promotions and increments. We intend to publish articles of good quality with a peer reviewed process following standard guide lines.

This journal is dedicated to Late K.Savitra Devi and to all the patients who could not be saved for lack of the right treatment .This journal aims to be a platform for academic medical delebrations which can translate into successful treatment for needy patients.Life is precious. Let your experience help doctors to treat their patients and serve humanity as “Service to Mankind is Service to God”. I hope this message conveys to all the authors that their publications are for a good cause.

Our main emphasis is to promote scientific papers of good quality and we extend our boundaries from medical, dental care to allied sciences. We feel there is a wide scope to explore various fields of sciences.

We request you to actively participate by contributing articles. Comments and suggestions related to the journal are welcome.

Finally, I thank my editorial team, technical team, authors and well wishers, who are promoting this journal.With these words, I conclude and promise that the standards polices will be maintained.


Dr. M.Naveen Kumar
Dr. Anurag

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