Calcifying Odontogenic Cyst of Mandible: A Case Report

Priyank Rai, Harshita Mathur, Don Varghese, Yogesh Mittal


The term calcifying odontogenic cyst was first introduced by Gorlin in 1962. It represents 2% of all odontogenic pathological changes in the jaw. The calcifying odontogenic cyst usually arises intraosseously, but it may also occur extraosseously, with about equal frequency in the mandible and maxilla (1:1). The age of the patients may range from 5 to 92 years, with peak incidence in the second and sixth decade of life. Radiographically, the lesion appears as a unilocular or multilocular well-defined radiolucency that may contain small irregular calcified bodies of varying sizes, and it may be associated with an odontome or an unerupted tooth. We present a case report of 17year-old female with Calcifying odontogenic cyst involving right body and angle of mandible.

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